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Incentivized Locations

Incentivized Items

Any Required Item being Shuffled will be included in the incentive pool by default. Add additional items below:

Chaos Rush

No time for a long race? Chaos Rush combined with Free Orbs lets you begin the game with the Temple of Fiends Revisited completely unlocked!

Treasure Hunt

A new adventure! Instead of lighting the four orbs to activate the BLACK ORB, the Light Warriors must seek out and collect several of a random treasure item.


Temple of Fiends

Randomly pick one of four new final bosses to replace the legendary Chaos! Take heed though; they can be more than a match for all but the mightiest Warriors.

Jump straight from the Black Orb to the Final Battle! You may choose to keep the fiend refight tiles - two on each side of the path to Chaos.


Entrance Shuffle (New!)

Try shuffling dungeon entrances, floors, and towns to create a completely new world to explore! Requires Treasure Shuffle and NPC Item Shuffle

Fixed Map Edits

Classic Final Fantasy Randomizer map edits.


Encounter 7 not enough WarMECH for you? Try a patrolling or required WarMECH instead.

Party Composition (Any entire rows left unchecked default to free selection)


Permitted Classes

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Fun % Flags

Fun flags are not part of the standard flags string since they do not impact gameplay. The buttons at the bottom can be used to store your preferred fun % settings within your browser so that they will be automatically restored each time you visit the site.

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